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Bereskin & Parr LLP is a leading Canadian full service intellectual property law firm serving clients across all industries around the world. Founded in 1965, the firm has grown to be one of the largest IP firms in Canada with Offices located in major economic and technology centers. Bereskin & Parr is made up of more than 75 lawyers and patent and trademark agents, many of whom are recognized as leading practitioners in their specialized fields. The firm has established a depth of legal talent and systems to service clients in every aspect of patent, trademark and copyright law and IP litigation. The firm and its award-winning professionals are consistently ranked as the benchmark for IP law in Canada.

The protection of IP assets inevitably involves disputes over rights to that property. As a leader in IP law in Canada, Bereskin & Parr has extensive experience in litigation, and the management and effective resolution of such disputes. Our firm’s litigation group advises and acts in all types of IP cases, from simple disputes that require pragmatic negotiation, to major cases. We act for parties both large and small, from individual inventors and start-ups to international companies.

Our litigators have a wide variety of technical backgrounds in engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, electronics and computer-related fields, and are able to efficiently present complex technical cases. Members of the litigation group have expertise in the following areas:

Bereskin & Parr has the breadth of experience to help growers, retailers and marketers protect their intellectual property. Our professionals keep clients abreast of regulations as they are released.

The firm has strong technical backgrounds in the chemical and biochemical fields, along with graduate and doctoral degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry and chemical engineering.

The professionals in the Cleantech practice group have engineering and scientific educational backgrounds, and industry experience related to clean and environmental technologies, as well as experience in advertising, packaging green and environmental products.

Electrical & Computer Technology:
Professionals in this group are trained as engineers or in the related physical sciences, and have experience with technology companies in technical, business and legal roles, as well as in building and managing valuable patent portfolios for entrepreneurial companies.

Licensing & Transactions:
Bereskin & Parr’s licensing and transaction professionals are well-equipped to handle a wide variety of matters, with technical backgrounds and knowledge in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, computer science, electronics, entertainment and new media, as well as a deep understanding of national and foreign IP protection, and drafting and negotiating complex IP agreements.

Life Science:
Bereskin & Parr’s specialized Life Sciences practice group brings together professionals with strong scientific backgrounds, which include graduate and doctoral degrees in immunology, organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular and human genetics, and experimental medicine.

Mechanical & Industrial Process:
The professionals in this group have a wide range of academic and industry experience, with degrees in mechanical and civil engineering, metallurgy, physics, chemistry and nuclear engineering, and expertise in drafting, prosecuting and licensing mechanical and industrial technologies.

Medical Devices:
Our Medical Devices practice group has multi-disciplinary expertise, allowing us to effectively protect our client’s medical technology inventions with highly technical aspects, including mechanical, materials, chemical, electrical and/or software.

Copyright & Digital Media:
Bereskin & Parr’s Copyright & Digital Media practice group includes lawyers and agents who have educational backgrounds in technology and computer sciences, as well as in arts and communication and have experience working in the technology, entertainment, information and new media industries, and the educational sector.

The firm’s Patents practice group have expertise in a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines and other technical areas, and assist clients in evaluating inventions and designs, and preparing, filing and prosecuting patent and industrial design applications in Canada, the United States and worldwide.

Regulatory, Advertising & Marketing:
The regulatory, Advertising and Marketing practice group provides comprehensive advice on issues relating to the promotion and sale of clients’ products and services, and is committed to keeping clients abreast of the regulatory changes that impact the way they market and advertise their products and services in Canada.

Bereskin & Parr’s Trademarks practice group in one of the largest and most experienced in Canada. This group advises clients on creating and managing worldwide trademark portfolios, trademark disputes, managing domain name registrations and dispute resolution, and coordinating its clients’ Canadian needs with an international strategy.

Quantum Technologies:
The Quantum Technologies practice group provides legal, patent and trademark agency services to companies developing quantum computers, quantum sensors, and other related quantum technologies, as well as those using quantum technology to improve existing and create new products.  

Artificial Intelligence: The Artificial Intelligence practice group helps companies that are developing AI-based technology protect, license and enforce their intellectual property. The group provides legal, as well as patent and trademark agency services to companies that are developing core AI technology as well as those using AI technology to improve existing and create new products.


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