The 2020 edition of Benchmark Latin America is now LIVE!

The Benchmark team set out to find the best, the brightest, and the most market-changing cases, litigators, and law firms across Latin America. However, as we all face a truly unprecedented global crisis – one that affects all of our businesses, our communities, our families, and our way of life – Benchmark Latin America would first like to extend our sympathies to anyone who has been impacted, either directly or indirectly by the pandemic.

Despite these unimaginable obstacles, our dedicated team at Benchmark Litigation remains laser-focused on your success and, in turn, celebrates the third edition of Benchmark Latin America. While we at Benchmark Litigation did not have the opportunity to travel to Latin America this year, our research remained staunch and steadfast.

When considering potential Litigation Stars, Future Stars, Top Arbitrators, and the Top 25 Women in Litigation, we carried out several months of research learning about each nominee’s recent work - both inside and outside the courtroom - paired with peer review and client feedback. This edition also showcases a Q&A with trial lawyer Luis Dantón Martínez Corres of Ritch Mueller (Mexico). The Q&A can be found here.

The honorees are listed with their firm, location, designation and their specialties, which are meant to give an idea of the lawyer’s strengths (or what they most often handle), not to solely categorize or narrow their talent. Additionally, we highlight key, publishable cases and other significant work in which they are involved.

The jurisdictions covered in this edition are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, PeruPuerto Rico and Uruguay. The goal of Benchmark Latin America is to continue to expand to include all relevant countries as we continue our venture to showcase the dispute resolution market.

Join the Benchmark team as we honor all the outstanding lawyers for what they have accomplished and as we look forward to what they will achieve in the future. We would like to thank this year’s honorees and their firms for helping make our publication possible.