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Polley Faith is best known for its expertise in commercial litigation and trial matters. The firm was established by Mark Polley and Andrew Faith, who after their time at McCarthy Tétrault joined the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General as Assistant Crown Attorneys (criminal prosecutors) and acquired significant trial and courtroom experience. Having conducted hundreds of trials over the last 15 years, Mark and Andrew have not only become trusted advisors to their clients and other lawyers in the community, but they are frequently sought out by individuals, businesses (small, medium and large) and governmental regulatory bodies to take on trials, hearings and arbitrations. 


While the firm has pursued a general litigation practice since its establishment in 2011, it has focused its interests on, and has become known for, litigation in the following industry sectors and areas of law: general commercial, banking and finance, securities and shareholder disputes, fraud, defamation and libel, regulated health professions, professional liability, bitcoin and cryptocurrency and estates. The firm is also known for prosecuting on behalf of various regulatory bodies, including the Law Society of Ontario and the Professional Engineers of Ontario. It is often sought out by other firms, including full-service firms to deal with conflict matters and to take on high-stakes cases for important clients.  


As a result of its approach to client services, Polley Faith has grown quickly over the last ten years, increasing its client base substantially. The firm’s rapid growth is a tribute to its successful representation of a variety of different clients and its increasing profile and reputation for excellence in the community.  


Last updated April 2020