Benchmark Litigation中国很高兴地宣布首届Benchmark Litigation中国奖的入围名单!

这些奖项是根据最新一期Benchmark Litigation China所收集的信息,对中国领先的争议解决律师和最具影响力的争议解决案件进行表彰。入围名单是经过数月的研究,分析了数百份提交的材料,调查了数千名客户,并采访了数百名律师,最终得出的结果。更多关于我们的调研方及标准,请看这里




今年的获奖者将于2023年6月8日通过Benchmark Litigation网站线上公布。



调研员 Miao Sha -

出版人 Fan Yeung -






Benchmark Litigation China is delighted to announce the shortlist for the first annual Benchmark Litigation China Awards!

These awards celebrate the leading litigators and most impactful disputes across China based upon the information captured in the submission for the latest edition of Benchmark Litigation China. The shortlists are the culmination of months' research, analysing hundreds of submissions, surveying thousands of referees and interviewing hundreds of lawyers. For more on our methodology and research criteria, see here.

To view this year’s shortlist, please click HERE.

All winners will have been judged on innovation, complexity and impact.

There will be awards for disputes stars and law firms in each region.

This year's winners are set to be announced online via the Benchmark Litigation website on June 8, 2023.


If you have any questions or for information, please contact: 

Research Analyst Miao Sha –

Publisher Fan Yeung –