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Welcome to Benchmark Litigation – the definitive guide to America's leading litigation law firms and lawyers.

Benchmark Litigation is the only B2B study on the market to focus exclusively on litigation and dispute resolution in the US. Since its inception in 2008, the Benchmark brand has grown dramatically and garnered industry-wide accolades as the definitive hub for in-depth analysis of the players shaping the dynamic practice of litigation. Research is conducted through extensive interviews with litigators, dispute-resolution specialists and their clients to identify the leading litigators and firms. During these interviews, we examine recent casework handled by law firms and ask individual litigators to provide their professional opinions on peers and practitioners within their jurisdiction or practice area.

In the United States we also conduct research into specific areas of the American disputes market, producing relevant research content including lists such as the 40 & Under List and Top 250 Women in Litigation.


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Why take part?
• Assessment and market analysis conducted by an independent and impartial third-party reporting source and informed by a balanced process composed of direct input as well as peer and client review
• Accurate and in-depth representation of your firm’s activities
• Exposure to our global audience, composed of many significant corporations and institutions

 Research timeline

• RESEARCH BEGINS – February 2024
• RESEARCH WEBINAR - Tuesday, February 6, 2024. 2:00PM ET (Download the PowerPoint here or watch the webinar here)
• SUBMISSION DEADLINE – Friday April 12, 2024
• RESEARCH INTERVIEWS (firms and client referees) – February - June 2024

How to take part?

Submit your quesitonnaire and client/professional references using the Accreditation Portal. With thousands of submissions every year across our research products, this new submissions portal has been designed to allow firms and external providers of law firm business development or marketing to submit for multiple jurisdictions in a user-friendly way.

To start using the portal, create an account at the link below. Once your account has been confirmed, you can start uploading your submissions for the Benchmark Litigation 2024 research cycle once it is opened.

Create Your Accreditation Portal Account HERE

Due to GDPR compliance, we cannot accept submissions outside of this portal.

To take part in our research simply:

1. Create an Accreditation Portal account HERE 

2. Download & Complete our RESEARCH FORM  and CLIENT REFEREE TEMPLATE 

2. Upload the documents to your portal account.

3. Encourage lawyers to take the INDIVIDUAL LAWYER SURVEY once available

Please note: Client referees must be provided using the above template. Any references not provided in this format will NOT be contacted.



Individual Lawyer Survey
Our Lawyer Survey is a quick and easy way for lawyers to tell us about their practice and promote their credentials. Lawyers can also provide feedback on our existing lists of ranked firms and individuals.

The survey is open to all disputes lawyers and you can take it by clicking the link here (TBD).


Digitizing Benchmark's Brands

In our efforts to align with environmental, social, and corporate-governance sustainability objectives, all Benchmark Litigation titles will be pivoting to a digital-only presence henceforth.


Supplemental studies:

Benchmark 40 & Under

A survey link for the 40 & Under list can be found HERE. The deadline for the survey is Friday, June 7. Please note: completion of this survey is not necessary to be listed, but it is defintely advantageous for nominated candidates to receive an editorial analysis. 

Each year, the Benchmark team sets out to find the best and brightest law firm partners who stand out in their practices throughout the US and in Canada. These young ambitious and accomplished lawyers frequently handle major cases – some of which are high-stakes or precedent-setting. These practitioners are among the top young talent in their respective litigation communities in the US & Canada. To put forth a litigator for this designation, simply nominate the individual under the appropriate 40 & Under section of the US research questionnaire. Nominees must be of 'Partner' status. The research results are announced in July.

Benchmark Top 250 Women in Litigation

The extensive research process used in the creation of Benchmark’s Top 250 Women in Litigation involves months of investigation into individual female litigators’ professional activities as well as client feedback surveys and one-on-one interviews, and has culminated in the selection of the most distinguished women in the world of litigation. The research results are announced in August and includes coverage of female litigators in the US and Canada. To put forth a litigator for this designation, simply nominate the individual under the appropriate Top 250 section within US research questionnaire. Nominees must be of 'Partner' status. 



In an effort to provide the most accurate and comprehensive coverage of the United States litigation market, we have taken a two-fold approach to our research.

The national section of our guide identifies select firms and attorneys who have displayed the ability to consistently handle complex, high-stakes cases in multiple jurisdictions. These selections are consistently recommended within the United States business and legal communities for the quality of their litigation professionals and trial work.

Additionally, we have identified individual litigators who were noted as having strength in a particular practice area – either exclusively or as a specialty component of their general practice.

Regional and local expertise is also a crucial factor in commercial litigation, and in the second section of the guide we identify the leading litigation firms and partners in each US state. Each state chapter includes:

Rankings of the top litigation firms

We divided the firms in each local market into “highly recommended” and “recommended” categories. All listed firms were consistently mentioned by peers and clients, but the “highly recommended” firms received the most mentions, and were held as dominant in their particular jurisdiction.

Rankings of the top litigation stars
The list of “local litigation stars” for each state reflects only those individuals who were recommended consistently as reputable and effective litigators by clients and peers.

Editorials on ranked firms
We have made every effort to offer in-depth coverage of the ranked firms. In some cases, however, we were not able to provide editorial content for every ranked firm due to a lack of participation or available information.

Recommendations are based on interviews with the nation’s leading private practice lawyers and in-house counsel. These interviews were conducted between February and June. Firms cannot pay to be recommended for the guide. Instead, firms have been independently offered the opportunity to take a professional listing regardless of editorial content.


Litigation Stars and Future Stars
Alongside our firm rankings we also recognise the work of outstanding individuals. Our recommendations are based on the same three factors as our law firm rankings and consist of the following categories:

Litigation Stars
Lawyers who are highly regarded by their peers and possess a strong case record and positive client feedback.

Future Stars
'Ones to watch' these are lawyers who are building their reputations in the market.

For Frequently Asked Questions, please visit here.


Managing Editor, Michael Rafalowich at mrafalowich@benchmarklitigation.com

Head of Business Development, Rebecca Synnott at rebecca.synnott@benchmarklitigation.com