Susman Godfrey


Head Office Address:
1000 Louisiana, Suite 5100
Houston, TX 77002
United States

Telephone:+1 713 651 9366
Fax:+1 713 654 6666

The Susman Godfrey Difference: Susman Godfrey is America’s premier litigation boutique. Our talented group of lawyers handle high-stakes litigation for plaintiffs and defendants nationwide. With over 150 trial lawyers in four offices from coast to coast, we handle the most challenging cases throughout the country. We offer a broad range of creative, flexible fee structures which align our and our clients’ interests. Traditional hourly billing accounts for a small percentage of our work. Because we often share risk with our clients, we are committed to their success.

At Susman Godfrey, we approach each case as if it is headed for trial. Everything that we do is designed to prepare our attorneys to persuade a jury. When you are represented by Susman Godfrey, the opposing party will know that you are willing to take the case all the way to a verdict if necessary—this fact alone can make a good settlement possible.

We’re Number 1: 
Susman Godfrey has a longstanding reputation as one of the premier firms of trial lawyers in the United States. We have been named the nation’s best litigation boutique by Vault 12 years in a row (every year since they started ranking). Benchmark Litigation named us Trial Firm of the Year in 2022. American Lawyer named us Boutique Litigation Firm of the Year in 2019. Our lawyers are regularly recognized by legal media and researchers as leaders in their field. 


Unique Perspective: Susman Godfrey represents both plaintiffs and defendants. We thrive on variety, flexibility, and creativity. Clients appreciate the insights that our broad experience brings. Our dual perspective informs not just our trial tactics, but also our approach to settlement negotiations and mediation presentations. We are successful in court because we understand our opponent’s case as well as our own.


Unparalleled Talent: Susman Godfrey prides itself on a talent pool as deep as any firm in the country. Clerking for a judge in the federal court system is considered to be the best training for a young trial attorney. Over 95% of our lawyers served in these highly sought-after clerkships after law school. Ten of our trial lawyers have clerked at the highest level—for Justices of the United States Supreme Court.


A Record of Winning: No matter the practice area or side of the courtroom, our lawyers are adept at becoming experts on the relevant subject matter, committing to the client’s ultimate goal, and working tirelessly to exceed expectations. Major victories include: 

  • Secured a $600 million settlement for residents of Flint, Michigan in the nationally followed Flint Water Crisis litigation.
  • Won a $706.2 million unanimous jury verdict for defendant client, HouseCanary, on counterclaims in a breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets case against Quicken Loans affiliate, Title Source, Inc. The judgement appears at number four on The National Law Journal’s “Top 100 Verdicts of the Year” list. 
  • Serve as National Trial Counsel for Walmart in products liability litigation relating to portable gasoline containers and National Monitoring Counsel on all products liability litigation relating to Talc.
  • Won a $25.25 million jury verdict for client, Steven Lamar, in a contract and intellectual property dispute with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine over the iconic Beats headphones — this verdict was also included on The National Law Journal’s “Top 100 Verdicts of the Year” list.
  • Secured a favorable settlement for defendant, Uber, in its epic battle against Google’s Waymo over self-driving car technology.
  • Won a jury verdict valued at $128 million for client General Electric, in its legal battle against the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority. 
  • Secured one of the largest settlement awards ever to a single whistleblower in a False Claims Act case—over $450 million from Novartis Pharmaceuticals, who was accused of defrauding Medicare and Medicaid by illegally paying kickbacks to pharmacies so they would recommend Novartis’s medications to doctors and patients.
  • Secured a complete defensive win for Apache Corporation by winning a full a motion to dismiss a royalty class action brought by a putative class of plaintiffs who alleged that Apache breached thousands of mineral leases by allegedly underpaying royalties
  • Secured a settlement valued at $100 million for a certified class of plaintiffs in a copyright infringement class action against well-known music streaming service, Spotify.
  • Won a defense-side jury verdict on behalf of The Rawlings Company in a certified class action challenging the company’s classification of its employees. After a three-week jury trial in Kentucky state court, the jury decided in favor of the defense.
  • Won a $50.3 million federal jury verdict for Green Mountain Glass, in a patent infringement lawsuit against Ardagh Glass. The verdict was #34 on National Law Journal’s “Top 100 Verdicts of 2017” list.
  • Secured a $91.25 million settlement for insurance policy owners in 37 Besen Parkway, LLC v. John Hancock Life Insurance Company
  • Secured over $1.2 billion with several international automobile parts suppliers in the In Re Automotive Parts price-fixing class action. The MDL, pending in E.D. Mich., alleges long-running global collusion by auto parts companies to fix prices of automotive component parts.
  • Recovered $40 million for a class of derivatives investors in a securities class action against Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. The deal is believed to be the largest recovery ever obtained on behalf of derivative investors in history.
  • Defeated a preliminary injunction request on behalf of defendant, Amazon, in a trademark infringement and unfair competition suit concerning the “Chime by CafeX” web collaboration tool and released by CafeX, and the “Amazon Chime” web conferencing solution released by Amazon.


Updated Oct 2022