Glaholt Bowles


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Toronto, ON, M5H 3L5

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Glaholt Bowles LLP is a nationally and internationally recognized trusted advisor with dispute resolution and risk management expertise, focusing on construction and design claims, public and private procurement processes, infrastructure development and building contracts. We provide advice and advocacy throughout Canada and internationally at every stage of the construction development process, in all types of projects, from process plants, power generation and transmission, and other heavy industrial projects, to mixed residential/commercial developments, highways and roads, bridges, urban infrastructure and major recreational facilities.

The firm has a strong reputation in all areas of dispute resolution, ranging from litigation to private arbitration and mediation, and in project dispute resolution procedures such as adjudication and dispute review boards.

The firm's lawyers have successfully represented clients throughout Canada and internationally in arbitrations over large-scale construction and infrastructure projects such as oil-pipelines, nickel processing plants, natural gas processing plants, and subways, under various institutional rules and ad hoc arbitrations.

Glaholt Bowles LLP lawyers are consistently rated among the most respected practitioners in the area of construction law.


Updated March 2022