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Hueston Hennigan has twice (in a row) been recognized by Law360 as national “Trials Group of the Year” and by Benchmark Litigation as “U.S. Trial Firm of the Year.” On the heels of a “landmark” defense verdict for America’s drug industry — its first major victory in the nationwide opioid crisis litigation — last year came both the largest trademark infringement award in U.S. history and a record-breaking Lanham Act award. 

The success achieved by Hueston Hennigan’s eight-year-old firm was made possible, says Chambers, because “clients who need to make strategic bet-the-company, high-stakes choices” turn to our “expert trial lawyers” as the “go-to for a hard trial case.” Hueston Hennigan’s “portfolio consists of sophisticated matters, many of which are high profile,” for which we “regularly attain successful outcomes.” The firm’s “multi-year streak of trial wins” (Benchmark Litigation) is due, adds Chambers, to an “incredibly deep and talented” bench of “phenomenal trial lawyers who carry tremendous gravitas with the court.” (Legal 500). 

Over the past three years, the firm has won eight trials, to include three described as “landmark” and “historic.” The headlines speak for themselves: Law360 called the judge’s decision in Endo “A Landmark Opioid Trial Win,” and The American Lawyer said that it gave the pharmaceutical companies “their first major victory” in the nationwide opioid litigation. Reuters described Monster’s trial verdict — a historic $175 million judgment — as “the largest-ever U.S. trademark award.” Both ranked as industry-defining decisions. After delivering a compelling opening and a devastating cross-examination of the plaintiff ’s first witness, we also won a favorable settlement for Synchrony Financial (the former GE Capital) in a lawsuit involving breach of contract, fraudulent misrepresentation, and alter ego claims. 

Our streak of trial victories and innovative, winning motions practice place Hueston Hennigan among the best litigation firms in the country and one of the “Most Feared Law Firms in Litigation” according to BTI Consulting. Head for head, lawyer for lawyer, Hueston Hennigan not only matches the best but exceeds the competition. 

What Our Clients Say: 

“Hueston Hennigan is the firm we turn to when we know we must win at trial. Their attorneys are not only masterful lawyers; they are creative, thoughtful, strategic, and tenacious. From the moment the first document is filed, every option is considered and every decision is made with the ultimate goal in mind: winning at trial. Hueston Hennigan has achieved historic, record-setting results for Monster in incredibly complex matters. Those results were achieved because Hueston Hennigan did what Hueston Hennigan does: win.” —Aaron Sonnhalter, Chief Legal Officer, Monster Energy Company 

“After taking over a bet-the-company case months before trial, the Hueston Hennigan team quickly immersed themselves in the business and facts of the case, earned the trust and respect of our team, and positioned the case for victory. At trial, they put on a master class, including incredible opening and closing arguments, a compelling case-in-chief, and cross-examinations for the ages. Their entire team is smart, honest and a pleasure to work with.” —Alex Dimitrief, Acting General Counsel, Amulet Estate, Former General Counsel, GE Capital 

“The lawyers at Hueston Hennigan have distinguished themselves with their wise counsel and outstanding advocacy from the boardroom to the courtroom. Their ability to balance legal and business considerations practically and efficiently is truly exceptional. They are among our go-to trial counsel, and they deliver results.” —Jake Schatz, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Electronic Arts

“Hueston Hennigan is an ideal choice for the toughest cases. The combined, concentrated trial talent of Hueston Hennigan makes this firm a top-shelf litigation choice for virtually any high-risk, complex matter.” —Melissa Scanlan, Vice President, Intellectual Property and Antitrust, T-Mobile

“In one of Western Digital’s most important legal matters in recent years, Hueston Hennigan partnered with us to craft and implement a creative, multi-staged litigation strategy that delivered repeated victories in both court and international arbitration. Hueston Hennigan has a very deep bench of legal talent who are our trusted counselors for our most important cases.” —Michael Ray, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Western Digital Corp.

“Hueston Hennigan is bold, strategic, and relentless. Their deep lineup of talented and diverse trial lawyers weaves masterful arguments, impactful direct exams, and devastating crosses. We especially value their close and collaborative partnership with our in-house team in order to obtain the best possible outcomes. Hueston Hennigan is the total package, and we are glad to have them on our side.” —Jonathan Mothner, Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, Synchrony Financial (formerly GE Capital)

“Hueston Hennigan lawyers distinguished themselves by being dynamically creative and unsurpassed in courtroom advocacy. Their care extends beyond the individual case; they work closely with our in-house counsel, and their postmortem review of matters is a value-add that fits squarely with our continuous improvement culture. They are a go-to firm for the most complex and challenging cases.” —Barry H. Caldwell, former Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Chief Legal Officer, Waste Management

“I turn to Hueston Hennigan for our most significant legal matters. In each engagement, they have provided extraordinarily effective lawyering, counsel, and strategic business advice. They are unrivaled as go-to trial counsel for complex, high-risk litigation.” —Julie Davis, Global Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary, Taco Bell

“Hueston Hennigan is a world-class law firm for the 21st century, capable of serving the litigation needs of individuals to global companies. Its talented team of professionals is dedicated to working closely with clients and has the creativity and flexibility to bring the simplest solutions to the most complex problems.” —Arnold Pinkston, Corporate Vice President, General Counsel, Edwards Lifesciences LLC

“Hueston Hennigan creatively and relentlessly investigated and prosecuted claims arising from a complex, high-stakes commercial fraud, obtaining recoveries worth more than $75 million. They skillfully and efficiently positioned us for courtroom victories while working hand in glove with in-house counsel to ensure that the legal strategy aligned with our business objectives. Their team was a pleasure to work with, and I strongly recommend the firm for difficult and important cases.” —William B. Sailer, Senior Vice President and Legal Counsel, Qualcomm Inc. 

Updated Sep 2023