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Ifrah Law’s practice focuses on government investigations and complex litigation on behalf of companies operating at the intersection of business and the cutting edge of online and mobile technology. The firm represents companies and their senior executives in criminal and civil matters throughout the United States, and also serves as a trusted business advisor to emerging industry clients exclusively conducting business online or through mobile technology. When online entities are faced with government enforcement actions by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), Department of Justice (DOJ) and others, they turn to Ifrah Law to defend their products and practices, and, wherever possible, negotiate positive settlements which allow companies to pursue their innovative lines of business, and individuals to resume their lives.

Online Gaming and Gambling:
Ifrah Law has formed symbiotic partnerships that transcend traditional legal support, resulting in game-changing collaborations, groundbreaking agreements, and alliances that drive innovation. The firm has represented online gaming clients since the inception of the industry and has been instrumental in the creation of the legislative and regulatory frameworks in many states which currently permit or are considering legalizing online gaming and sports betting and has longstanding relationships with legislative and regulatory bodies that govern the industry. The firm now represents many of the largest iGaming companies and industry associations around the world including online casino operators, sports betting operators, poker and fantasy sports sites, and payment processors in class action lawsuits, mergers and acquisitions, licensing, vendor and supplier issues, government investigations, and criminal matters.

Federal Agency Investigations:
The business and public relations fallout from a government investigation can be fatal. Ifrah Law helps clients manage and conclude inquiries by federal and state agencies so that they can resume business. We assist in responding to investigations, requests for information, and government subpoenas from federal agencies, as well as U.S. Attorney’s Offices, District Attorney’s Offices, state attorneys general, and state regulatory agencies, on matters ranging from AML/KYC to data privacy to tax disputes, to name a few. Our attorneys’ backgrounds in government, private practice, and academia have yielded established relationships and credibility with federal prosecutors and investigators across all the main federal agencies. 

Commercial Litigation:
Ifrah Law has successfully represented clients in commercial litigation matters, including class actions and multidistrict litigation, on issues ranging from breach of contract, copyright and trademark, data security and cybersecurity, employment law and licensing, corporate governance disputes, commercial fraud and alter ego. The firm has tried federal cases across key federal agencies as well as numerous U.S. Attorney’s Offices, District Attorney’s Offices, and state regulatory agencies throughout the country.

White Collar Defense: 
Clients turn to Ifrah Law because of the attorneys’ ability to successfully manage, navigate, and negotiate high profile federal investigations. The firm stands by clients when they face investigations, information requests, and subpoenas from federal and state agencies and attorneys general. Ifrah Law attorneys have established relationships and credibility with federal prosecutors and investigators in agencies such as the Justice Department, the FTC, SEC, and DOD, among others. The firm’s White Collar Defense team includes a former Chief of the Organized Crime Section at the Department of Justice and a former assistant U.S. Attorney, and a former special assistant U.S. Attorney; their collective experience includes the litigation and resolution of disputes across a broad array of industries on issues ranging from cybersecurity and computer fraud to money laundering and asset forfeiture.

iGaming Litigation:
As companies seek wider markets for their products and services by offering them online, they become increasingly vulnerable to claims that challenge the integrity of their processes and endanger their business. Federal or state allegations of illegal gambling, false advertising, deceptive loan practices, or data breaches can be devastating to the revenue, growth prospects, and brand reputation of established companies and startups. Rooted firmly in the nation’s Capital with strong relationships and credibility across many branches of government. With a niche focus on representing clients at the cutting edge of internet business, finance, and technology, we have a strong track record of success defending clients against claims by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Finance and M&A:
Ifrah Law offers clients both legal and strategic advice regarding relevant opportunities, risks, and ways to mitigate those risks. Our lawyers negotiate and close complex transactions with an eye on industry-specific considerations, like antitrust issues, cross-border implications, representations and warranties, talent and founder acquisition and retention, and SEC compliance. For clients seeking to develop expansion and exit strategies, Ifrah Law can provide a realistic assessment of business operations and cost-benefit analysis, along with evaluating potential partnerships and investor options. Furthermore, our attorneys can provide regular updates on evolving regulation and legislation and review policies with an eye toward compliance. 

Licensing and Compliance:
Ifrah Law has successfully helped numerous companies enter the online gaming market in each state where online betting and/or fantasy sports are currently legal, and has prepared many companies to launch in jurisdictions where legalization is imminent. We also have extensive experience assisting foreign clients in navigating their initial entry into the U.S. gaming market. We work diligently to ensure the application process goes smoothly and prepare for any challenges that may arise. Once a license has been secured, we continue to safeguard our clients’ interests by offering ongoing counsel on compliance with licensing requirements and foreign, federal, and state laws so that they may continue to operate and scale. 

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity:
With extensive experience in data privacy and cybersecurity law, Ifrah attorneys regularly advise organizations on developing industry-appropriate protocols, preparing for and responding to data breaches, and drafting privacy policies. Our team also provides counsel to businesses and individuals on information storage, along with rights of retrieval and deletion. Our clients span numerous industries, including gaming, fintech, healthcare, non-profit organizations, and social media influencers. We help these businesses ensure that their practices comply with evolving privacy and data security requirements, including substantial new state regulations.

Internet Advertising and Marketing:
Ifrah Law represents online advertisers, affiliate networks, publishers, advertising agencies, payment processors, and other marketing solution providers in state and federal investigations, enforcement actions, private litigation instituted by self-regulatory agencies, consumer class actions, contract negotiations, and compliance matters regarding all legal facets of internet and mobile marketing, eCommerce, telemarketing, electronic payment processing, and interactive gaming.

  • Online Gaming and Gambling
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  • Finance and M&A
  • Licensing and Compliance
  • Data Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • Internet Advertising and Marketing

Jeff Ifrah

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  • Federal Agency Investigations and Litigation
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