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We are a 875+ lawyer business litigation firm with offices in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Houston, Seattle, Boston, Salt Lake City, Tokyo, London, Mannheim, Hamburg, Paris, Hong Kong, Munich, Sydney, Brussels, Zurich, Shanghai, Perth, Stuttgart, Austin, Neuilly-La Defense, Atlanta and Miami. We aggressively litigate a wide variety of business disputes for Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller companies. We do not simply “handle” cases for years before settling them on the courthouse steps. Our goal is to seize the initiative and resolve them quickly, because it is in our clients’ interests to do so. If a case cannot be resolved short of trial, we have the experienced trial lawyers who can try it. Our business is winning cases—and we do.

Our Lawyers: 
Attorneys at our firm have tried over 2,500 cases and won 86%. When we represent defendants, our trial experience gets us better settlements or defense verdicts. When representing plaintiffs, our lawyers have won over $70 billion in judgments and settlements. We have also obtained seven 9-figure jury verdicts, fifty-one 9-figure settlements, and nineteen 10-figure settlements.

Our attorneys include top graduates from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Chicago, Michigan, Columbia and other distinguished schools. At last count, 221 of our attorneys (or 25%) were law review editors in law school and/or clerked for judges; nineteen have taught law; and many have been or are general counsel for corporations. Over 25 of our attorneys are former Assistant United States Attorneys, including the former Los Angeles United States Attorney. Three of our partners have worked in the White House: two for Democrats, one for Republicans.

Trial Lawyers, Not Paper Litigators; Why Trial Lawyers Are Also Best for Settlement: 
Trying cases is a key element of our firm culture. Trials are zero sum games – they are no place for beginners. We try more major business cases than any other law firm. At least once each year, we are in a trial or an arbitration pursuing or defending against a claim for over $1 billion in damages. Many of our partners are very highly experienced trial lawyers, having tried dozens of cases to verdict. Seven have taught trial advocacy. We do not believe the same level of jury trial experience can be found at any other business law firm. Our trial experience is an obvious advantage in the courtroom, and is important both for the relatively rare case which must be tried and for the cases which settle. Plaintiffs’ lawyers know we will not hesitate to go to trial and know what we can do in a courtroom. Our well-known ability to try cases diminishes the lawsuit “hold up” factor and causes adversaries to re-think their demands. We believe that our firm can get better settlements because of our credibility as trial lawyers.

  • Antitrust & Competition Law
  • Appeal case
  • Art litigation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Bankruptcy and reorganization
  • Commercial and human rights litigation
  • Cannabis product litigation
  • Class action
  • Construction project litigation
  • Data privacy and security
  • Digital Asset Litigation
  • U.S. domestic arbitration
  • Education Business Group
  • Labor litigation and counseling
  • Energy industry disputes
  • Environmental litigation
  • Government contract litigation
  • Health care related litigation
  • Insurance and reinsurance litigation
  • Insurance claims recovery
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • International arbitration
  • US International Trade Commission (ITC) investigation procedures
  • International trade dispute settlement
  • Investigation, government enforcement and white-collar criminal defense
  • Investment fund and fund advisor litigation
  • Latin America business
  • Liability of lenders and other banking and financial institution litigation
  • Biomedical litigation
  • Plaintiff litigation
  • Entertainment and media litigation
  • M&A litigation
  • Product Liability and Mass Tort Litigation
  • Public relations strategy in major litigation cases
  • Real estate litigation
  • Satellite and aerospace technology litigation
  • Securities litigation
  • Sexual harassment and employment discrimination business
  • Sovereign litigation, arbitration and debt settlement
  • Sports litigation
  • Structured financing and derivatives litigation
  • Transnational litigation

Updated Oct 2021