In early 2024, Lawyer Guoxiong TANG of Hui Ye Law Firm (Zhongshan Office) was entrusted as the project leader to lead a team to provide defense for the legal representative of a certain enterprise, who was transferred by the public security organ to the procuratorate for review and prosecution for suspected crime of issuing false VAT special invoices.

The case involves suspected fraudulent issuance of special invoices amounting to nearly CNY 2 million in taxes. After reviewing the documents, the legal team adopted a defense strategy of arguing for minor offense due to the relatively minor nature of the circumstances. They conducted a comprehensive defense from multiple angles, which was acknowledged by the prosecutor's office. Ultimately, the prosecutor's office recently made a decision not to prosecute the entrepreneur in this case.

In this case, the defense lawyer seized upon the specific details of the entrepreneur's surrendering to the authorities. In the absence of a clear acknowledgment of voluntary surrender by the public security organs, through careful analysis and organization of materials, the defense lawyer facilitated the procuratorate's recognition of the voluntary surrender aspect, laying a solid foundation for ultimately obtaining a non-prosecution decision.

The entrepreneur client was very satisfied with the efficient, rigorous, professional, and dedicated legal services provided by Hui Ye’s lawyers, and has specially presented a banner to Lawyer TANG.

Lawyer Guoxiong TANG, holds a Bachelor of Laws from Jilin University and a Master of Business Administration from Jinan University. With 24 years of practicing experience and 18 years of law firm management experience, he specializes in government legal consulting, resolving major and complex commercial disputes, project development, real estate, and construction engineering.

In 2007, as one of the first batch of social lawyers in Zhongshan City (only 6 in total), he served as a legal advisor to the municipal government, participated in policy research in government legislation and judicial fields. Currently, he serves as a legal advisor to more than 10 party and government organizations and public institutions, resolving a large number of group disputes for grassroots governments. Through litigation, he has reduced economic losses for the government by hundreds of millions, achieving fruitful results.

Heavily involved in legal services for private enterprises at the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, familiar with legal policies for protecting the rule of law for private enterprises, especially in safeguarding personal rights and property rights of private enterprises in accordance with the law. Proposed and promoted the establishment of Entrepreneurs Day in Zhongshan, leading several initiatives nationwide and having a deep understanding of legal policies for protecting the rule of law for private enterprises.