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A litigation boutique with offices in New York, Chicago and DC, MoloLamken has quickly become a favorite among the crowded field of litigation shops. The firm earns rave reviews from clients, one of whom testifies, "They mounted a stellar series of arguments that have materially benefited us. Their business model is unique. Partners bill at similar rates to other top-tier firms, but one sees cost-saving since the associates are of a much higher caliber and therefore much more productive. MoloLamken has demonstrated that they are honorable and have elan. If you find yourself the focus of litigation, it is a firm you want in your Rolodex." Another client confirms, "Their work was so exceptional in one matter they handled for me that I expanded their role not only in that case, but added them as counsel in the other pending arbitration as well. In my opinion they are one of the top litigation firms in the US. They have brilliant lawyers, with courtroom savvy and the best brief writing teams you can find." New York figurehead Steven Molo is called "an outstanding advocate and fearless in court" by a satisfied client. "He is focused and resolute. He took our case and honored every promise made." Molo represented seven former NFL players who objected to the landmark class-action settlement for players sustaining concussions. He also represents plaintiff investors in 10 pending cases against mortgage originators and other responsible parties involved in residential mortgage backed securities securitizations. Damages at issue in each of the 10 cases range from $200 million to in excess of $1.4 billion. In the DC office, Jeffrey Lamken earns plaudits for his appellate specialty, which has found him frequently arguing in front of the US Supreme Court on cases spanning a vast spectrum of subject areas.