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Abrams & Bayliss LLP is a business litigation and advisory boutique that focuses on high stakes controversies and transactions carrying a high risk of litigation.

The firm’s Litigation Practice primarily involves actions in the Delaware Court of Chancery, the nation’s preeminent corporate and commercial law court, and the Delaware Supreme Court. The firm’s litigators have extensive experience representing public and private companies, stockholders, directors and executives in a wide range of business, corporate and alternative entity litigation matters at the trial and appellate level. The firm regularly litigates actions involving corporate control disputes, rights of equity holders, large public and private company controversies, complex transactions, and significant valuation and appraisal proceedings. Unlike many other firms, Abrams & Bayliss represents plaintiffs and defendants, giving their attorneys an added measure of insight on strategic and tactical issues in transactions and litigation. The firm has a proven track record of offensive and defensive litigation, including successfully pursuing and defeating injunction applications, conducting expedited trials and prosecuting and defending claims for significant monetary, declaratory or equitable relief. In addition to their Delaware practice, Abrams & Bayliss frequently represents clients in other jurisdictions on matters involving Delaware law, corporate or business organization issues or other commercial disputes.

The firm’s Transactional Practice primarily involves matters where there is a high risk of litigation or which raise complex or novel issues of Delaware law, such as contests for corporate control, private equity and portfolio company matters, going-private transactions, recapitalizations, refinancings and stockholder or board level disputes. Abrams & Bayliss also advises business entities and their constituents on Delaware issues relating to all phases of their life cycle, ranging from formation questions to continuing issues involving the payment of dividends and asset sales to end-of-life matters such as dissolution and receiverships. The firm regularly provides advice on the preparation and interpretation of certificates of incorporation and bylaws, whether for newly formed entities, initial public offerings, operating companies with internal disputes, reincorporations, restructurings or corporations seeking to amend their existing governance documents.

Abrams & Bayliss similarly advises business entities, directors, officers and stockholders on contracts relating to their governance structure and commercial relationships, including stockholder rights plans, stockholder agreements, and indemnification or advancement rights.

As a result of the firm’s expertise on fiduciary duty matters, Abrams & Bayliss regularly represents trust beneficiaries in claims against corporate and individual trustees for significant damages, the replacement of trustees and the amendment of trust instruments.

Abrams & Bayliss represents a broad array of clients including national and international corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, joint ventures, stockholders, directors, equity investors and executives.

All of the firm’s lawyers have distinguished academic records and the firm’s attorneys are regular authors and speakers at national programs regarding Delaware business law matters.

Updated Sep 2023