Blank Rome


Head Office Address:
One Logan Square
130 North 18th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
United States

Telephone:+1 215 569 5500
Fax:+1 215 569 5555

Blank Rome is an Am Law 100 firm with 16 offices and more than 700 attorneys and principals, including more than 400 litigators, who provide a full range of legal and advocacy services to clients operating in the United States and around the world. Our professionals are widely recognized for their leading knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of industries, but what really sets us apart is our investment in client relationships—our unwavering commitment to understanding their businesses, the around-the-clock access we provide, and our nimble and customized delivery of services. We treat your goals, ideas, and objectives as our own and fight fiercely for resolutions that are in your best interest. To learn more, visit


  • Our attorneys, at all levels, are always accessible and responsive.
  • Our combination of legal know-how and business acumen gives us a unique understanding of how to handle all types of matters to maximize positive results for our clients.
  • We treat our client’s business goals, ideas, and objectives as our own, taking a serious and thoughtful approach to crafting pragmatic solutions to best serve their interests.
  • We invest in building real, lasting relationships with our clients—an unwavering commitment to understanding their businesses with a nimble and customized delivery of services.
  • We are a law firm large enough to have the depth of resources needed to serve our clients’ sophisticated requirements, yet small enough to provide individualized service to satisfy its specific requirements.
  • Our proprietary client service and satisfaction program is designed to serve all our clients’ functional needs and requirements.
  • We consider the fee to be secondary to client service and intend to deliver extraordinary value commensurate with a mutually satisfactory fee arrangement.
  • Our unwavering ethical standards and approach as a firm to supporting and working within our communities, including: charitable investments, civic participation, diversity and inclusion, advancement of women’s leadership, required pro bono services, and sustainable practices.

Our Commitment to DEI
At Blank Rome, we value diversity of identities, experiences, and backgrounds, which creates a more vibrant and dynamic work environment. Our firm’s culture is centered around collaboration, collegiality, entrepreneurial and familial spirit, and giving back to our local communities through service.

Blank Rome DEI Affinity Groups include BR Parent, BR Pride, BR Advance (for women of color), BR United (BR Asian, BR Black, BR Latinx, BR MENA), BR Women.

Since its inception in 2017, we have joined Diversity Lab’s Mansfield Rule, which measures whether law firms have affirmatively considered women and attorneys of color for leadership and governance roles, equity partner promotions, and lateral positions.

We are a member of the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance since its inception in June 2020.

We are frequently recognized for our DEI initiatives by the legal and business communities.

Pro Bono Policy & Initiatives

Our formal pro bono policy requires each of our attorneys and paralegals to undertake at least 25 hours of pro bono service every year, which has led to more than 99 percent participation in pro bono work from our attorneys since 2015.

In 2023, Blank Rome attorneys and paralegals provided more than 27,000 pro bono hours.

We are frequently recognized for our pro bono work by the legal, business and nonprofit communities.

Updated June 2024