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DiCello Levitt was founded in 2017 as a new kind of law firm—one that is organized around the basic premise that everyone at the firm is a vital team member with a voice and talents that add value in any situation. Boasting best-in-class teams across a wide array of practice areas, DiCello Levitt cultivates a diverse roster of skilled litigators to advance the cause of justice for individuals, businesses, and public clients through class action, business-to-business, public client, whistleblower, personal injury, civil rights, and mass tort litigation.

The firm’s attorneys are highly respected for their ability to litigate and win cases, resulting in billions of dollars in recoveries for their clients and other class members. They are regularly appointed to leadership positions in headline-grabbing, high-stakes cases—composing some of the most diverse leadership teams in multidistrict litigation history—and continually achieve landmark victories across practice areas, earning accolades and recognition for their innovative approaches to complex matters and tireless advocacy on behalf of their clients. Built on a strong foundation of integrity and experience and driven by results, DiCello Levitt has helped raise the bar for corporate conduct, governmental responsibility, and civil and human rights, paving the way for a more just and equitable world.

Venture Partners With Clients:
DiCello Levitt has forged a reputation for success in complex litigation and arbitration, and the firm delivers results in innovative ways by venturing cases with its clients as partners, aligning our collective interests and enhancing our clients’ management of litigation risk. Because of these close venture partnerships, our clients are confident that we will pursue their matters with unmatched tenacity and assess their mission-critical needs as we would for our own business. In our case analysis and preparation, we focus on the end result—a successful settlement or trial verdict. Our singular focus delivers cohesive and compelling thematic and evidentiary foundations. We don’t use a set playbook; rather, we adapt our broad toolkit to each client’s unique goals and needs. Correspondingly, our flexible billing arrangements demonstrate our commitment to every client’s particular circumstances, creating opportunities to litigate the most challenging of cases to a successful resolution.

Innovation in Trial Science:
Through its trial-first approach, DiCello Levitt crafts practical and effective legal and business solutions for its clients. At the heart of that approach is the DiCello Levitt Trial Center. Trial Center Team Leader Bobby DiCello and Trial Center Coordinator Ken Abbarno collaborate with other talented advocates at DiCello Levitt, such as Chris Stombaugh. The Trial Center’s lawyers are among the nation’s most sought-after trial lawyers because of their knowledge and experience with the decision-making behavior of contemporary jurors and the art of trial messaging. The center is founded on a proprietary, scientific system that reveals the nuances of a jury’s mindset and enables the pursuit of truth with clear insights into what persuades, connects, and wins. The center’s seasoned team leads high-stakes trials for clients, wielding our advanced strategies to gain an edge over adversaries who cling to traditional trial methods. Our team also trains lawyers to achieve a higher-level performance in their trial strategies, case preparation, and courtroom presentations. 

Our firm has led more than 500 focus groups in the last ten years, including comprehensive studies about a myriad of issues. Bobby DiCello is among the most sought-after trial attorneys in the United States for his unique experiences and expertise in the art and science of modern courtroom advocacy. He is frequently called on to teach his “The Art of Messaging” workshop, which draws on the neuroscience of communication to help other attorneys develop and shape how they convey critical concepts to judges and juries. 

The insights and strategies that DiCello Levitt has developed through its trial center have materially enhanced the firm’s productivity and effectiveness. By researching and testing the biases, schemas, and prejudices of thousands of mock jurors, DiCello Levitt attorneys sculpted their arguments to achieve successful outcomes in litigations concerning AndroGel, General Motors engine defects, and a host of other matters, including an opiate overprescription case, police misconduct litigation, and the largest individual civil rights verdict in U.S. history. This hard work resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements—and that doesn’t even account for the trial center’s contributions to victories by other firms across the United States. 

Taken as a whole, the trial center’s success, support, and research efforts continue to set DiCello Levitt apart as a truly unique and cutting-edge firm. 

Steadfast Consumer Advocates: 
DiCello Levitt has a strong reputation as one of the foremost consumer advocacy firms in the country, having secured more than $20 billion in recoveries since our founding. Our attorneys have successfully led—and are presently leading—many large class and multidistrict actions, including against industry titans such as Boeing, Syngenta, Chevron, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Apple, Intel, Abbott Laboratories, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Marriott, and Equifax, and they represent businesses and investors in litigation and arbitration in multiple courts across the United States and internationally. 

Areas of Practice: 

  • Agriculture and Biotechnology 
  • Antitrust and Competition Litigation 
  • Civil and Human Rights Litigation 
  • Class Action Litigation 
  • Commercial Litigation 
  • Environmental Litigation 
  • Labor and Employment Litigation 
  • Mass Torts 
  • Personal Injury 
  • Privacy, Technology, and Cybersecurity 
  • Product Liability 
  • Public Client 
  • Securities and Financial Services Litigation 
  • Whistleblower, Qui Tam, and False Claims Act 

Updated Sep 2023