Kronbergs Čukste Levin



Dispute resolution

Kronbergs Čukste LEVIN is a key player in the Latvian market. Vineta Cukste-Jurjeva heads the dispute resolution department at Kronbergs Čukste LEVIN. The firm provides services in banking and finance, aviation, real estate and construction.

Key clients for the firm include European Central Bank, Solaris, DHL and AIG.

During the research period, the firm represented ALFOR in a dispute related to revocation of more than 20 gambling permits. In another case worked on during the research period, the firm provided legal assistance to sports stadium Daugavas Stadions in a dispute over the termination of a major arena lease agreement.

Vineta Cukste-Jurjeva was the lead partner on the majority of cases worked on during the research period.