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Los Angeles boutique Larson LLP has carved a niche for itself as a trial-tested group that is committed to pursuing a trial-forward agenda. Peers note, “They are very no-nonsense and mean business when they say they’ll go to trial!” A client testifies, “The firm is very thorough, responsive, and quite excellent.” Firm namesake Stephen Larson represents Best Energy Solutions Corporation -an entity that researches, develops, supplies, produces, and distributes petroleum additives, petroleum-based fuels, renewable fuels, and engine technologies- in litigation related to the confidentiality of a proprietary formulation for its NOx-reducing additive, and unfair competition claims brought against California Fueling. The lawsuit involves proprietary fuels and additives designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as required by the California Air Resources Board and Global Warming Solutions Act. Larson also represents real estate developers Colonies Partners and its co-managing partner in a civil dispute arising from the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s failed prosecution of the co-managing partner and four others who were accused of bribery and public corruption. The lawsuit arises from a $100 million settlement between the clients and the County of San Bernardino, following a 2017 acquittal that Larson secured for the co-managing partner through a successful eight-month jury trial. Larson and Paul Rigali represent Cathay Bank in lawsuit arising from the plaintiff and cross-defendant’s repeated failure to abide by the terms of its written construction loan agreement with Cathay for $13 million. Jonathan Phillips manages a diverse practice dedicated to complex civil disputes. His white-collar and criminal defense work has garnered recognition from across the community.