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Endowed with what peers agree is “the deepest litigation talent roster in Toronto,” Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin commands brand-name respect among its Bay Street peers. “There are a lot of litigation boutiques around now, even just in Toronto,” offers one peer by way of explanation, “but Lenczner is well beyond those proportions now. It’s a full-fledged powerhouse of more than 50 people at this point. And yet it has lost none of its consistency. The culture over there ensures that those people coming up are all excellent as well as all the seniors who launched that firm. Tom Curry, an excellent lawyer himself, who everybody knows, has done an excellent job of grooming a lot of the talent and maintaining quality control.”

One partner who has undoubtedly made her mark is Monique Jilesen, who peers agree has moved to the forefront of Lenczner’s swelling stable. Jilesen is counsel to GIP Primus and Brightwood Loan Services, the lender intervenors, in oppression proceedings brought by the Monitor in the context of Algoma’s CCAA proceeding. Curry himself, along with another partner with a swiftly rising profile, Rebecca Jones, is counsel to the respondents Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (“CAMH”) and the CAMH Foundation in an application by a donor to have an investigation conducted by the Public Guardian and Trustee under the Charities Accounting Act into how the Foundation had used his donation.

Since last year, the Foundation was successful in resisting the relief sought, and the decision was upheld by the Court of Appeal in March 2019. Intellectual property specialist Sana Halwani is counsel to TiVo Solutions and its subsidiary Rovi Guides in two patent infringement actions involving patents relating to interactive television program guides, DVR technology, and related technologies. Both are set for trial in mid-2020. Routinely revered trial figurehead Peter Griffin, along with Shara Roy, is counsel to the Special Committee of the Board of Directors of Aphria in connection with allegations made by short sellers regarding the value of certain assets and insider dealings. The Special Committee’s mandate was completed in February 2019. The Special Committee concluded that the assets were in a range of acceptable value, although at the high end and that there were certain undisclosed conflicts of interest by non-independent Board members. Class proceedings in Canada and the US have been launched.