Pape Chaudhury



Dispute resolution

Toronto boutique Pape Chaudhury is a two-partner shop that has forged a maverick position and left an impression on the community. Several peers voice appreciation for its model which, some concede, is increasingly coveted. Clients are not short on praise, either. One raves, “The firm has successfully concluded a motion for directions which included complex legislative interpretation and public policy debates. The team is very smart and masterful in their written and oral submissions.” Historically the domain of Paul Pape, a no-nonsense barrister who built and cultivated what was previously Pape Barristers entirely on his own, the firm developed into its current formation in 2018 when Shantona Chaudhury became a name partner. Chaudhury, who joined Pape’s firm in 2009 as a brand-new lawyer, has blossomed into one of Toronto’s most promising young litigators. “Shantona is highly intelligent, a clear legal thinker [with] tremendous analytical skills – both oral and written,” testifies a client. “[She is] a hard-working, passionate advocate.” Cementing her stature in the Toronto market, Chaudhury was chosen as Co-Chief Commission Counsel on the Emergencies Act inquiry concerning the state of emergency called by the government concerning the 2022 “Freedom Convoy. “Shantona is almost full-time with that right now,” speculates a peer, “but this is really going to make her career – everyone knows she’s a powerhouse but now they’re going to know she’s a superstar.” For his part, Pape is still recognized by clients as “likely the best appellate lawyer in Ontario, well respected by both the bench and the bar” who “excels at identifying client's key issues and finding a solution to the problem. He has incredibly strong perception and advocacy skills.”