Pape Chaudhury



Dispute resolution

Toronto boutique Pape Chaudhury is a two-partner shop that has forged a maverick position that has left an impression on the community. Several peers voice appreciation for its model which, several concede, is increasingly coveted. Historically the domain of Paul Pape, a no-nonsense barrister who built and cultivated what was previously Pape Barristers entirely on his own, the firm developed into its current formation in 2018 when Shantona Chaudhury became a name partner. Chaudhury, who joined Pape’s firm in 2009 as a brand new lawyer, has blossomed into one of Toronto’s most promising young litigators. “Shantona is the real deal, you don’t get to work beside Paul Pape AND especially get your name on the door unless you can deliver,” testifies a peer. Pape Chaudhury’s approach allows it to take on a diverse basket of work, much of it novel in nature. The firm has developed a niche in appellate work, boasting a streak of seven straight wins at the Ontario Court of Appeal. “That’s kind of unheard of,” marvels a peer. “Anyone can do an appeal, but can you WIN them? And that many?”