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British Columbia

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Vancouver V6C 3L2
British Columbia

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Robbie Fleming is an innovator who relishes the challenge of difficult cases, and combines creativity with strong legal and economic analysis. He was counsel on Google v. Equustek, 2017 SCC 34, the leading case in the world on the control of global content on the internet, and on the first ever ex parte appeal in the BC Court of Appeal – on a worldwide Mareva injunction with parallel asset freezing proceedings in France: Equustek v. Jack, 2016 BCCA 190.


Mr. Fleming began his career as a prosecutor in northern British Columbia.  He left practice in 2004 to do an MBA at Cambridge, spending four years on a wide range of projects, including outsourcing legal services to India, business development for a biotech start-up, GC for a Dublin internet start-up, and a proposal to seed a new Irish early stage venture capital fund. He returned to Vancouver in 2008 to found Robert Fleming Lawyers.


The firm has a team of five lawyers, with a focus on asset recovery, fraud and conspiracy claims, shareholder disputes, intellectual property, and enforcing insurance policies against insurance companies.


In addition to doing good work, Robbie has always sought to do some good in the world. He has volunteered on a palliative care ward, done many pro bono cases, and been an active advocate for environmental causes.


Last updated April 2020