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Robins Kaplan LLP is among the nation’s premier trial law firms, with more than 250 attorneys in eight major cities. Our attorneys litigate, mediate, and arbitrate client disputes, always at-the-ready for an ultimate courtroom battle. When huge forces are at play, major money is at stake, or rights are being trampled, we help clients cut through complexity, get to the heart of the problem, and win what matters most.

We are clearly focused on business results for our clients. We achieve landmark triumphs and drive thousands of other cases to resolution before they ever hit the courtroom or the front page. From Big Tobacco to Kraft v. Starbucks,  Bhopal, and the World Trade Center—we have changed law, business, and society for the better by redefining what’s possible.

Intellectual Property and Technology: Our Intellectual Property and Technology Litigation Group earned global recognition for its long history of extraordinary courtroom victories, IP asset monetization, and innovation defense. Some of the largest multinationals, most-innovative start-ups, and many individuals from virtually every industry and walk of life have chosen us to help settle disputes both in and out of the courtroom because of our clear focus on achieving business results for them. Our attorneys have had multiple IP enforcement efforts on behalf of plaintiffs where revenues in each exceeded $100 million, and we have also successfully defended hundreds of millions of dollars of technology and brand investment.

Complex Business Litigation:
 Our business litigation attorneys bring best-of-class plaintiff and defense strategies to the table.  At the core of our legal strategy is a track record for analyzing complex legal and business challenges and foreseeing their outcomes.  We know that all litigation comes with inherent risk, and we partner with you to understand the immediate and long-term business needs, then craft a combined litigation and business strategy designed to meet your company’s best interests.

Insurance and Catastrophic Loss:
 At Robins Kaplan LLP, our insurance lawyers handle complex, high-exposure insurance, reinsurance, and recovery claim disputes.  We have a nuanced understanding of the industry’s unique demands built on decades of insurance representations.  Our record includes litigation successes for insurance industry clients in state and federal courts, arbitrations, reference and appraisals, and mediations.  We also offer clients practical, results-focused guidance and advice.  No matter the case size, the depth of our experience litigating and managing high-exposure, complex disputes drives our effectiveness on our clients’ behalf and results in the delivery of efficient, client-centered case management practices and procedures.

Last Updated September 2020