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Quick facts:

Established: 1997
Number of attorneys: 37

Summit Law Group rejected the traditional law firm model and started from scratch to revolutionize the way legal services are provided by focusing on a single principle: Customer service and results.

Our customers want the best possible outcome at a cost commensurate with the result. We achieve this by forming small, dedicated teams of highly experienced trial lawyers, each chosen for their ability to analyze cases and counsel customers, and for the way they develop and present evidence at trial.

Summit has never hired a lawyer straight out of law school; we select only tested, experienced trial lawyers, and we hire them as owners of the firm. The result is that every Summit trial team brings a wealth of experience in trying cases to judges and juries in state and federal courts, and to private or public arbitrators. And, when necessary, we have the knowledge and skill to take a matter through an appeal.

Our customers want to know the realistic probabilities of success early in the case, as well as cost of litigation. Our trial teams deliver by providing the sophisticated analysis our customers need to make sound decisions about how the case will be managed, how costs will be controlled, when to settle, and when to try the lawsuit.

Because our lawyers are trial-tested veterans, we know what really matters at trial. We know success requires us to be honest with ourselves and with our customers about the strengths and weakness of any given case – even when what we have to say is not what the customer wants to hear. We win by communicating clear, compelling evidence that the judge and jury need to decide in our customer’s favor. We win not just because of our eloquent arguments, but as a result of maintaining absolute credibility with the court.

Our approach has resulted in an exceptional track record. Summit has been selected the Benchmark Litigation Washington Firm of the Year twice in recent years and is one of only eight top picks by Benchmark in Washington. Summit is trusted litigation counsel for leading businesses and high net worth individuals in Seattle and the Northwest, and is recognized in the Northwest bench and bar as practicing at the top of its field.


Updated Oct 2021