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Williams & Connolly is a preeminent DC-based litigation law firm. Recognized as one of Benchmark’s Top 20 Trial Firms, Williams & Connolly is home to an array of skilled, trial-tested lawyers who specialize in securities, antitrust, intellectual property, product liability, white collar, and First Amendment disputes.
                Enu Mainigi returns to Benchmark’s Top 250 Women in Litigation list for the fifth consecutive year for her fierce representation of clients in false claims act and qui tam proceedings. She led the trial and strategy team on behalf of CVS Health Corp. in antitrust hearings before the District of Columbia concerning the $69 billion merger between CVS and Aetna. Fellow DC partner and Top 250 star Heidi Hubbard was described by a competitor as “someone who has worked tremendously hard over the course of her career and deserves all of the recognition she receives” adding, “Heidi does not miss.” Lisa Blatt has argued and won more cases before the Court than any other woman in history. A peer describes her as “instrumental in paving the way for future generations of female lawyers, and lawyers in general.” Ana Reyes represents foreign government officials and international organizations, among others, in international actions. She recently represented nine individual asylum seekers, including three children
who challenged the ruling issued by the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security barring refugees crossing between ports of entry from seeking asylum, finding that the rule was inconsistent with federal immigration law. Hubbard, Blatt, and Reyes were also selected to this year’s Top 250 Women in Litigation list by Benchmark.
                Joseph Petrosinelli was lead national counsel in a complete victory for Pfizer in connection with federal multidistrict litigation originally established in 2016, involving cases alleging that Pfizer’s Viagra caused the exacerbation of plaintiffs’ melanoma. Petrosinelli presented both opening and closing arguments and cross-examining one of plaintiffs’ lead experts in a four-day Daubert evidentiary hearing in October 2019, which, in January 2020 the court issued an order excluding plaintiffs’ general causation experts under Daubert, finding the experts’ opinions unreliable and inadmissible. This decision made it impossible for plaintiffs to proceed on their claims, and in April 2020, the court granted summary judgment and entered judgment in favor of Pfizer and its co-defendant Eli Lilly. Robert Van Virk obtained injunctive relief for Lockheed Martin after the district court granted a temporary restraining order on an ex parte basis prior to ordering the briefing. The case, which raised significant questions of first impression, succeeded on the merits.  Ryan Scarborough successfully represented  First Federal Bank of Kansas City and a certain number of its directors in connection with a class action lawsuit filed by depositors seeking to hold them liable for not distributing to depositors excess capital that had been built up over more than a century. The case threatened the foundation underpinning mutual bank associations, given their inability to raise capital other than through gradually amassing capital from surplus earnings each year. After the firm filed a motion to dismiss, which was subsequently appealed, the Eighth Circuit affirmed the dismissal, and plaintiffs elected not to seek certiorari from the Supreme Court. IP litigator David Berl successfully represented ION Geophysical Corporation in proceedings before the Federal Circuit on remand from the US Supreme Court where WesternGeco accused ION of patent infringement based on ION’s sales of devices in the marine seismic survey market. Continuing the IP strengths of the firm is Bruce Genderson who serves as co-lead counsel to Google and YouTube in consolidated patent infringement actions pending in the Southern District of New York in which YouTube’s Content ID system is accused of infringing three patents assigned to Network-1. The cases are currently in discovery, and no trial date has been set.