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Toronto, ON, M5H 3S5

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Experienced. Strategic. Committed.

We are a renowned legal team

We succeed for our clients because we don’t stop until we find the right answer. Our team works collaboratively, leveraging diversity of style and expertise to produce better legal outcomes.

We have more experience, expertise, and success in appeals than any other lawyers in the province of Ontario.

We are strategic

We simplify the complex. We distill our cases down to their most important elements. We continually analyze the case from different angles, uncovering opportunities that tip the scales in your favour.

We are known throughout the profession and by the courts as exceptional advocates.

We are in your corner

We thrive on doing the impossible for our clients. Our job is to solve your problems and get you results, whether in or out of court. We listen to your needs. We’re committed to your case. We care about the outcome.

Updated April 2024