Dispute resolution
Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher

Over the course of nearly 50 years, Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher has cemented itself as Hawaii’s preeminent trial firm. Remaining steadfast from pre-trial to the courtroom, the Starn O’Toole team is widely regarded as an authority in commercial disputes arising in real estate and a host of other practice areas. Clients and peers alike compliment their capabilities. “They are a top-flight firm in Hawaii, capable of handling the full range of litigation matters,” confirms former co-counsel. “Their legal judgment in developing and executing on strategy is unparalleled. They argued and won a motion to dismiss, deftly addressing questions from the court. They are great colleagues to work with.”

     Sharon Lovejoy and Terence O’Toole have served as guiding forces among the firm’s team for nearly the entirety of its existence while remaining active in representing numerous of the most prominent clients in Hawaiian infrastructure and among the largest companies in the state’s real estate market in a wide variety of regards. Trevor Brown is an additional authority in the real estate and commercial vestige, complementing his expertise in bankruptcy and securities litigation. Clients have complimented his work and demeanor. One shares a litany of compliments, describing him as, “smart, aggressive, always strategizing, very detail-oriented, a problem solver, extremely dedicated, loyal and tireless.” Another client also shares, “[Trevor Brown] has a great work ethic. He is thoughtful and analytical, and passionate about his work and clients.” Douglas Chin is sought for his deep experience in administrative law and government relations, as well as commercial litigation. Former co-counsel has high regards for Chin’s courtroom presence. “He has a humble demeanor,” they note. “He’s quick-witted and has a sharp legal mind.” The team is joined by Andrew Lautenbach who adds depth to the firm’s expertise in commercial litigation.