Last spring, Benchmark Europe launched its inaugural awards in London. 

Benchmark Europe will again be running an awards ceremony in London to recognise the firms and lawyers who had the strongest year in 2019. We will also be recognising the strongest cases of the year. 

The Benchmark Litigation Europe team welcome you to put forward nominations on behalf of your firm by submitting case evidence for the awards process. If your firm submitted to our research in 2019, your casework will be taken into consideration. You may tell us about any notable cases your firm acted on since April 2019.

If you wish to submit additional case evidence for the awards process you may do so through our awards submission form. 

Firms and lawyers will be recognised throughout the whole of Europe. Further details including the awards ceremony date and award categories will be announced soon. 

For firms who wish to submit additional cases, the awards submission deadline is:  Monday 17 February 2020 

Overall guidance 

The awards will be judged according to: 

  • Innovation (Did the advice the firm gave show something more than the straightforward answer that is commonly used?) 
  • Complexity (Did the matter address legal issues that were out of the ordinary and what ingenuity did the firm show to solve them?) 
  • Impact (What impact did the advice have on the client? For example, did it help them win an unprecedented judgement in court?) 

For more information, please contact our team:

Danielle Ngwana-Joseph (Editor)