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Dispute resolution

Named after a since-deceased but legendary (certainly within the Québec legal community) founding partner, Langlois is unique among firms within the province. As one peer explains, “Although Langlois is not a ‘boutique,’ they really do have more of a litigation focus, unlike some of the other firms [in Montréal], which are more business firms.” Langlois is also one of the few litigation-centric firms in the province to have ample bench strength in Québec City as well as its Montréal base. The firm also offers litigation services that are more attuned to certain specialties, particularly insurance and labor and employment, than several of its other Québec competitors.Peers also confide that the firm “is getting aggressive in hiring and building. They took on numerous partners from [now-defunct] Heenan Blaikie a few years ago and have been pulling in partners from all over town ever since. They are very regional, which allows them to focus all of their energies on Québéc, [they are] one of the only firms of their size doing this.” Speaking to the firm’s key specialties, one peer notes, “Langlois has a strong insurance practice. They have quite a few people doing that. They got in on that panel side and have been aggressive on rates and have been able to develop a following there. I definitely see them.”
     In Montréal, one of the firm’s most prolific and visible litigators, Sean Griffin is a favorite of peers. “He is a very strong litigator and such a pleasant guy.” Griffin acts for act for Norael in a matter in which it seeks to have the opposing party vacate a property, alleging the termination of a five-year lease and the unenforceability of an option to purchase and lease certain rights in that property. In first instance, the Superior Court found that that the option agreement was null and unenforceable, and that the opposing party had to vacate the property given the termination of its lease. The matter was argued before the Court of Appeal in January 2022. Griffin also acts for Intact Insurance, belairdirect, Insurance Company and Royal & Sun Alliance in a class action instituted against multiple insurance companies which offer home and business damages insurance policies in Québéc. The matter concerns the promotion made by insurers of their network of certified contractors towards insureds in the event of a claim. The plaintiff alleges that insurers encourage insureds to accept that their certified contractors proceed to the necessary repairs by promoting the numerous advantages they can offer, without disclosing that the contracts concluded between insurers and the certified contractors provide for payable discounts to Insurers. The Superior Court dismissed the authorization in February 2022. It is now before the Court of Appeal. Véronique Roy was mandated by LEAF and FFQ to argue that Bill 21, which declares Québéc’s commitment to secularism, violates the Charter guarantee of equality between men and women. Roy successfully obtained intervenor status for LEAF and FFQ, despite opposition by the Attorney General of Québéc, and argued that the effect of this law disproportionately affects the enjoyment of Charter rights and freedoms by women or of a minority group of women, which is the effect of Bill 21 on Muslim women’s equal enjoyment of freedom of religion/freedom of expression. Class-actions specialist Vincent de l’Etoile is unanimously recognized as “very busy, always has been.” de l’Etoile is acting as lead counsel for Bell Canada in a proposed class action challenging the legality of the process and contracts entered into further to door-to-door marketing activities and seeking punitive damages to sanction the purportedly illegal practices of the defendants. The authorization hearing is scheduled to take place in April 2023. de l’Etoile and Tina Hobday act as lead counsel for Parity Committee for the building services (Montréal Region) in the defense of the class action alleging improper practices and improper disclosure of information pertaining to the retirement plan of employees. In August 2022, the Superior Court authorized in part the class action but limited its scope by refining the legal regime applicable to the claim and refusing a potential award in the aggregate given the apparent induvial nature of the class members’ claims. Speaking to the bench strength in the firm’s smaller but respected Québéc City office, Jean-Benoît Pouliot is addressed as “excellent in municipal and expropriation, as well as a lot of administrative work.”